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Specific USRPT Web-based Resources

  • Ultra-short Race-pace Training Articles

  • Ultra-short Race-pace Training

  • USRPT Ultra-short Race-pace Training

    General Swimming and USRPT Web-based Resources

  • Coaching Science Abstracts

  • Swimming Science Journal

  • Swimming Science Bulletin

  • USRPT Apparel and Gear

    Explanation of Recommendations

    The web-sites listed on this page are resources which a Member can peruse. Generally, a site's inclusion is not an endorsement of that site but rather an indication that the site has some potential value for a Member. As further sites are discovered and developed, every effort will be made to include them in the above lists.

    Most Members will have to peruse/read the above sites and determine what is and is not important for their needs.

    There are articles and web sites that claim association with USRPT but they fall short of having any value for a Member. They have been deliberately rejected from inclusion in this web page.

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